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Guild Of Guardians Migrates to Immutable zkEVM

The Guild of Guardians platform has just embarked on the transition to the revolutionary Immutable zkEVM, leaving behind its previous ImmutableX system. This strategic shift represents a crucial step in its evolution and promises to transform the gaming experience for the Guardians.

The new technology, powered by Polygon, offers a unique gaming chain that combines EVM compatibility, low costs, massive scalability, and the inherent security of Ethereum. But this migration is not just a technological shift; it is a catalyst for innovation that propels Guild of Guardians to the forefront of game development.

The adoption of Immutable zkEVM provides Guild of Guardians with a range of advantages. Firstly, it allows the construction of more sophisticated in-game interactions through smart contracts, eliminating the need for trusted workarounds. Additionally, compatibility with Solidity and the Ethereum ecosystem opens up endless opportunities to leverage existing content and resources, enhancing development capabilities and enriching in-game experiences.

Perfect Symbiosis Between Guild Of Guardians and Immutable

Security remains a fundamental priority. The platform maintains the robustness of Ethereum-grade security, ensuring efficient and low-cost transactions. Furthermore, new possibilities arise with future participation programs on Immutable zkEVM, which can be more reliable and complex, enhancing participant experiences.

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The integration of Immutable Passport at launch marks another significant advancement. This new standard of web3 wallets streamlines the onboarding process for players by offering hassle-free social logins and automated wallet creation. Immutable Passport, considered the next generation of web3 wallets, enhances corporate security while supercharging the web3 experience with features like digital asset management.

Acknowledging concerns about gas fees, Guild of Guardians joins Immutable’s ‘Gas Free for Gamers’ initiative. As a sponsor of gas fees for all Immutable Passport users, the platform ensures a frictionless onboarding and smooth gaming experience, eliminating gas fees for Passport users.

This planned migration aligns perfectly with the global launch of Guild of Guardians in the second quarter of 2024. During the migration, players will have the opportunity to link their Metamask wallets to a Passport account before the process, ensuring a seamless transition of NFTs to zkEVM.

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