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Galaxy Fight Club Set to Launch its Play-to-Earn this Month

Galaxy Fight Club, the first cross-IP PvP game metaverse, is set to launch its play-to-earn game this month. The new game will offer two different types of rewards, which are Gold Key Fragments and Silver Key Fragments.

Players that play either of the Genesis Galaxy Fighters or Genesis 2 are eligible to earn the Gold key fragments as rewards.

More Details on Gold Key Fragments

Players that enter into battles using any of the Galaxy Fighters or Genesis Weapons assets will have one energy removed and become eligible to win gold key fragments automatically following match victory.

More Details on Silver Key Fragments

Silver key fragments are also default rewards for playing the free-to-play base character or a partnered project character. Players have a higher chance of winning silver key fragments when they play with a partnered project character than playing with a free-to-play base character. Your chances of winning silver key fragments with a partnered project character will be higher than playing with a F2P base character.

What is Energy in Galaxy Fight Club?

Energy enables players to earn silver or gold fragments and it is linked with individual character NFTs and Genesis Weapon. Each Genesis Weapon and Character may have up to ten energy points and for each match you participate in, it costs one energy point. Every ten energy points regenerate after every 24 hours. Energy is handled in different ways based on the scenarios.

Transfer-in – Mints and Purchase: When a player purchases or mint new weapons or fighters, the energy starts with 0 points. However, it replenishes and lands in your wallet over the next 24 hours.

Transfer Out: When you transfer a weapon or fighter from your wallet, energy is deducted.

galaxy fight club

Highlights of Rewards on Galaxy Fight Club

 When a player wins key fragments, they can combine them to form full keys, which enable them to open loot boxes. Users can combine key fragments in two ways. First, you can combine three key fragments to get a chance to craft a full key. Second, you can combine ten key fragments to craft a full key with a 100% success rate.

After crafting your keys from the key fragments, you can use them to open loot boxes. From the loot boxes, you can get a chance to receive weapons from various tiers ranging from Basic to Exotic, depending on the tier of keys you are using.

For Gold keys, you can win between Basic and Exotic with a higher chance of winning higher tier weapons. Silver keys give you an opportunity to win between Basic and Rare.

As soon as the P2E is live, players will have the option to choose the type of key to be used for the loot box page, including Genesis, Gold, and Silver. With the keys, they will be able to open the associated loot box in the game.

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