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The Sandbox Game Maker 0.8 is Live

The virtual gaming world, The Sandbox, has announced the launch of its much-anticipated Game Maker 0.8 with new features. Features inherent in the new release include new multiplayer gameplay features, and video and audio streaming.

It also includes new lighting and visual effect features, equipment, and wearable support within the social clubs.

Highlights of the Core Features in The Sandbox Game Maker 0.8

Multiplayer Gaming

The new release comes with enriched multiplayer gaming attributes. These will enable players to compete with other users, interact, and survive together. They can explore multiplayer races, obstacle courses, and more.

Additionally, creators on the platform will have an opportunity to develop action-packed experiences and new engagements for players.

Expression and Socialization

The new update is designed to promote more expression and socialization within the metaverse. Users can create their social spaces and invite friends. They can also publish experiences as a social hub and leverage different avatar animations to express themselves.

Users will also have a chance to show off their equipment and wearables in the social hubs. This will promote more self-expression and customization.the sandbox

New Lighting & Visual Effects

The Sandbox Game Maker 0.8 aims to provide more immersive experiences across different sections of the metaverse. With the upgrade, the metaverse will become a destination to socialize and network with people from around the world.

The lighting features in the upgrade include point lights & spotlights, weather switching behaviors, post-process effects, and more visual effects.

Video and Audio Streaming

These features will promote content diversity within the metaverse. They will open more opportunities to explore and view IRL footage, parties, and more. This will allow for more engaging experiences in the metaverse.

Productivity & Tool Upgrades

To simplify and streamline the process of building the metaverse for all, The Sandbox added new features. This will enable builders to efficiently use the Game Maker.

Builders on the platform will have express access to the library menu, and invisible & no collision scripting actors. The Game Maker 0.8 will feature frequently used presets for weather, effects, lighting, and other quality improvements.

The Sandbox Game Maker 0.8 will unlock new possibilities in 2023. The new update will unlock creativity. It will take the platform closer to building a metaverse limited only by usersโ€™ imagination. The new features will make it easier to tell stories, educate, and advertise in the metaverse.

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