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REVV Motorsport is Set to Launch the SHRD Token

A blockchain Play-to-Earn motorsports platform, REVV Motorsport, is set to launch its SHRD token. The SHRD or Shard Token is a cross-blockchain, multi-experience fungible token designed to be used on the REVV Motorsport platform. The token will function as a reward token for playing and engaging on the game metaverse.

According to REVV Motorsport, the SHRD token will be the primary reward for participating in it’s ecosystem and is placed below the REVV token in the general economic model on the platform. While the SHRD token is the primary token of earning, the REVV token remains the core currency at the heart of the ecosystem. When you earn the SHRD token, you can use it to improve your game experience.

Highlights of SHRD Earning System

The game platform is introducing a new arcade-simulation racing game, REVV Racing, which is playable on the web browser. Players need to have the REVV token to access the different game events with rewards and to buy exclusive NGTs. SHRD is the reward token in the game and it is earned by miles and based on the distance covered.

The earning rate for SHRD token is not dynamic but based on the combination of the REVV fee, car rarity, and event type. The specific earning rate for each event will be available on the event details on the game site when SHRD token launches.

revv motorsport

SHRD Earnings based on Car Rarity

There are six cars in the REVV Racing game and the rarity of each of them determines their earning rate. The earning rate of Common Cars is the default rate while the Apex earning cars have the highest possible earning base rate.

It is worth mentioning that the supply of SHRad is not capped. However, the emission is controlled via a monthly mint cycle.

Highlights of SHRD Token Mint and Supply

The first mint event for the SHARD Token will be 30,000,000. Afterward, a total of 2,000,000 units will be available for monthly rewards for the first two months. From the Genesis mint of 30,000,000, 3,000,000 will be allocated for the first payout while the rest will be utilized as a liquidity buffer.

Suffice to mention that SHRD minting will launch this month for REVV Racing and MotoGP Ignition. MotoGP Ignition is the second game title to support the SHRD Token.

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