Tap Fantasy Version 1.3.0 Update
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Tap Fantasy Announces Version 1.3.0 Update

In anticipation of the new season, Tap Fantasy is issuing the version 1.3.0 update. These improvements will cover numerous changes. This includes modifications to the chat system and the data-saving process. In addition, there will also be the removal of certain features.

Details of the Tap Fantasy Version 1.3.0 Update

As mentioned earlier, there will be changes to the messaging mechanism. This will include the following:

  • Immediate introduction of new features like “Official Announcement, Recruitment, Megaphone and Club”. On the other hand, the dev team will add “Whisper and Friend Chat” measures later in the future.
  • Players will need to burn in-game currencies like Gold or Diamond for recruitment. Messages will also be directed to the appropriate channel.
  • Users can send messages via the “Megaphone” to the general server. To use this feature, they will also have to spend in-game tokens as well.
  • The dev team will be removing the “Club Chat” option, following this update. In its stead, the more dynamic “Club” will be taking place. Through this means, you will be able to send messages to members of the club.

Other Changes in The Version 1.3.0

  • “Team Finder” is a new feature that is coming to the new edition of gaming. With this attribute, you can see all the pending teams.
  • Furthermore, you can now rejoin battles after leaving. However, you will have to use the characteristics stated above.
  • You can now purchase TAP and MC using MC o the non-crypto platforms.
  • However, you will no longer be able to get skins using elemental points on the non-crypto platform. Instead, there will be a decrease in Skin prices. More so, you can now upgrade them using the TAP and MC that you purchase.
  • At the end of the coming season, you will now be able to view your performance. This is because Tap Fantasy is adding the “Seasonal Performance Records” submenu. There will also be “Club Seasonal Performance Records and Seasonal Rank Performance Records”.

Fixes and Other Improvements

Tap Fantasy Website and Device Synchronization

While the focus is mainly on incorporating new features, the Tap Fantasy Version 1.3.0 update is more than that. There are other changes that may seem minor but will enable a better user experience. Some of them include:

  • There is now a guide on how to log in on your mobile devices.
  • Players can now view their rank when they touch the “Reincarnation Hourglass” icon.
  • The team is also changing the icon of TAP and MC.
  • Users can now view the team set of their opponent.

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