TapFantasy Season 2 Preview
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TapFantasy Issues Season 2 Preview

TapFantasy – an MMORPG built on blockchain is issuing a preview of the season 2 of its game. Especially as the maiden issue is coming to an end. While giving the update, it gives insights as to what players should expect. In addition, there will also be a 500 $TAP giveaway to celebrate the incoming edition.

Details of the TapFantasy Season 2 Preview

Although there will be new introduction to the TapFantasy Season 2, the preview shows that some things will not change. The following aspects will remain the same in the upcoming edition:

  • Heroes
  • NFTs
  • The Chat Bubbles
  • Tokens like Gold, Silver, Copper Coin, Magic Crystals, Tap Token and  PVP Token. In addition, Diamonds in the mobile versions.
  • Name Change Cards
  • Elemental crystals (tickets) for all levels of Rifts
  • Rift Team ticket for Slime Rifts
  • The fish you got in “Fishing Game”
  • The monsters you summon in “Demon Expedition”
  • The NFT-aimed materials you got in “Lucky Slot”
  • All Keys for Chests without output of equipment. They include Jewel Keys; Goddess Keys; Angel Connection Keys.

TapFantasy Season 2 Details

While some things may not change, others may not be available immediately. There are some features that may be unlocked at certain levels. They include some of the following:

  • Copper Keys will be locked for 20 days. They will only be open after 2o days.
  • Silver Keys will be unlocked in 28 days. This is after being locked for 20 days.
  • Gold Keys will be available after 28 days. Which is after a 20-day lock period.
  • Lucky points will be open after 42 days.
  • Friendship keys will be available after 42 days of locking.
  • Abyss keys will be open to use after 56 days.

Changes in Season 2

As mentioned earlier, there are certain features that will remain the same in the next version of this MMORPG. However, there will also be significant modifications to some aspects. Here are some changes characters that will undergo changes:

  • World exploration like CheckMaps, Teleport Points, Dungeon, Docks and Goddess Statues.
  • Stamina will also be reset to a maximum of 30.
  • The level of Heroes will not be the same.
  • Rewards in the Gem Pass will be reset as it becomes deactivated.
  • There will also be changes to the Colosseum rankings.

As part of the incoming alterations, TapFantasy is introducing a new Hero. This character will be female and was born into a prestigious family. She is the most reliable backing for her teammates and a feared sanctioner of the enemy. Despite the teaser, the MMORPG did not reveal her identity.

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