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Gamium Reveals How to Participate in its Community Round

Gamium, a socialize-to-earn game platform, has announced the participation details and requirements for its upcoming community round of $GMM Pre-sale. The $GMM Community Round will reward community members for their support and enthusiasm towards the platform.

Suffice to mention that this round of exclusive presale does not require any tokens or staking. As long as you are a real supporter of Gamium, you qualify to participate.

Gamium also revealed that the DAO Maker IDO, coming up on March 4 and the Community Round, would be the last chance for interested persons to get the $GMM tokens before the public listing.

Highlights of the $GMM Community Round

The public presale contributions of the $GMM tokens are in BUSD, and the tokens available are 250,000,000 GMM. The price per unit of $GMM is 0.0003 BUSD. The total allocation for the event is 75,000 BUSD.

Participants interested in whitelists should know that the allocation per whitelist spot is $250. There will be 300 winners of whitelisted spots at the event. The sales will follow the lottery and handpicked mechanism to ensure that every member has a fair chance. 


How to Participate in the $GMM Community Round

The first requirement for participating in the Community Round is to fill out the Gleam form. The details of the form are on the social media pages of the game platform. Secondly, you must be an active member and supporter of the official Telegram groups of Gamium.

Suffice to mention that the game platform has Telegram groups in different languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Vietnamese, and a General group. Interested participants can find the details of the groups on the social media pages of Gamium. 

How the Winners will be selected

The platform will select and handpick 100 winners that are the most supportive and active members of the Telegram groups. It will also choose additional 200 winners based on a lottery mechanism. Gamium will announce the details of the 300 whitelisted winners on March 12 through its Twitter page.

What is next after Winning?

Lucky winners will need to follow the steps highlighted for whitelisted addresses. The steps include completing their KYC and depositing the required funds into an earmarked smart contract. Gamium will reveal the smart contract details through its website. It will also release more on these steps in due course.

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