Prometheus Metagame Alpha Testing
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Prometheus Metagame Begins Alpha Testing

Prometheus Metagame Alpha testing is set to begin on the 24th of February by 6 PM Singapore time (GMT +8). It will continue for the next four days and end on the 28th of February. Announcement of this test period was made via the Prometheus Medium Page.

Details of the Prometheus Metagame Alpha Testing

Earlier on, Prometheus announced the registration for alpha test whitelist spots. Following the completion of that registration, the game is announcing the results. To check if your application was successful, check this Google Doc. If your name is on the list, join the #Alpha-test channel of the Prometheus discord server. This channel is where users will get first-hand information and instruction with everything to the Prometheus alpha. However, only users that were selected for the alpha testing will be able to join this channel. If your name and wallet is in the Google Doc above, yet you cannot access the alpha test channel, send a message to one of the discord moderators.

These users will have the opportunity to try out the alpha version of the game. In this alpha test, only the web version will be available. Successful users can access it from the official website. When you visit the website, you will find the alpha link on the front page. There are 15 different levels in the alpha version. Players who are able to complete all 15 levels of the alpha game will get 200MGA as prize rewards. Players cannot give their whitelist spots to a third party.

After the end of this test, Prometheus will issue the form to the participants. These participants will share their experience and give their feedback. These feedbacks will play significant roles in the development of the beta version of the game.

Other Details of the Prometheus Alpha

Prometheus Alpha Test Giveaway

To be able to participate in the alpha gameplay, players must use a PC. Also, ensure to use the browser on the computer that is compatible with metamask. The reason is that players will have to connect their accounts to metamask. This will enable to receive $MGA. Users will also need to buy God Cards. More so, you can purchase them from the Metagame Marketplace. Players will also need MGA, they can purchase them from any of the exchanges below:

Asides the rewards for participating in the test, there is also another giveaway for teams. Furthermore, 5 lucky users will win a pack of 10 battle cards. They will also get 20 MGA and 1 whitelist spot. Join the discord channel, create a strong team and increase your chances of completing all 15 levels. You can merge your 10 level 1 cards to have 5 level 2 cards.

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