Gods Unchained Tides of Fate Expansion Release Set for October 25th
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Gods Unchained Tides of Fate Expansion Release Set for October 25th

Gods Unchained is set to release the Tides of Fate Expansion on the 25th of October. This new set of cards will greatly improve the playing opportunities that players will enjoy. In addition, this update also features new in-game characters that everyone can use to embark on their gaming adventures.

Before the actual launch goes live, the team will preview the full cards on the Tides of Fate Website on the 12th of October. Interested individuals can visit the site to learn more about these new additions. More so, there may be subsequent updates on that platform. Therefore, people should continue to check in until the NFTs go live.

Gods Unchained Tides of Fate Expansion – All You Need to Know

Gods Unchained Tides of Fate Expansion - All You Need to Know

By 11:00 AM AET on the 25th of October, 142 new cards will be joining the Tides of Fate set. This addition will expand the virtual world of Eucos and grant warriors the opportunity to explore new parts of the game. This includes areas like the Shimmering Atlant to Sartonia, the Whitesalt City, and Vasek, the island of fire.

Out of this total, 15 will feature legendary creatures. This list includes characters like swashbuckling pirate Admiral Mayday, the brilliant Sartonian scientist Francesca, and Tarken, the venerable leader of the Draka. When the Gods Unchained Tides of Fate Expansion goes live, players will get the chance to change their faction and pick a new story. However, they must choose between Draka or Sartonians.

The Draka faction comprises spiritual people who live in peace with the ocean and ride powerful dragons. They are one with the Shimmering Atlant and revere the sacred crystals it holds.

On the other hand, Sartonians are resourceful people who want to harvest the sacred crystal for building their city. They move about in magical Atlanteans and have no regard for the ocean like the Draka.

Thanks to their opposite lifestyles and practices, these diverse groups are always up against each other. While Draka tries to protect the ocean’s crystals, Sartonians intend to plunder it. This results in skirmishes between both tribes.

As players pick a side and take on in-game roles, they will engage in battles to help their faction win. After selecting a faction, a player will receive two legendary cards. There will be skirmishes every few weeks, and one side will emerge victorious.

The winner will affect the loser’s card by changing the empty slot on the cardback to either blue or red. This process will continue till both cards are transformed forever.

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