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How to Start Playing Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is an online trading card strategy game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The game is available as a free-to-play and play-to-earn. To play Gods Unchained for profit, you need to buy packs of cards. These card packs offer random card sets you can use to create your deck to play against other players. 

Currently, there are over 400 cards you can acquire in the game. Players also have an opportunity to trade, sell, and buy individual cards on the official game marketplace. So, how do you play the game? That is what this post is all about.

How to Set Up Gods Unchained and Play for Free

The first step is to create an account on the official websiteIt is easy to create as all you have to do is enter your valid email address and create a unique password. Also, fill out the required details and click the “Next & Download” button to complete the registration. 

After this, the download will start automatically. Follow the prompts after the download to set up and verify your account. To install the game, click on the installed file and press the “Run” button. Now, log in to your account with your data and click on the “Update” button after logging in. 

gods unchained

This is all you need to play the game for free. To get started with the game, you must curate a deck of 30 cards to battle against your opponents.

How to Buy Cards and Decks and Play for Profits

After setting up your account and installing the game, the next thing is to install a crypto wallet, such as Metamask, and link it to your Gods Unchained account. 

You need this to buy or sell cards. With a linked wallet, you can also explore the core gameplay mechanics, such as Weekend Ranked, Fusing in the Forge, and Daily Play-and-Earn. While the game is primarily free-to-play, gamers can purchase card packs to boost their gaming experience.

Buying cards helps you to build a deck with stronger cards. With this, you can maximize your winning chances. To purchase Gods Unchained cards, visit the official game website and select the “Buy Packs” option. 

This will redirect you to a webpage where you can purchase the latest card pack. The card packs come in different rarities, including Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny rarities. The prices of these cards differ based on their rarity. Their rarities also determine their resale value.

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