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Gunstar Metaverse Releases New PvP Lobby Updates

A turn-based artillery game, Gunstar Metaverse, has released new updates for its PvP Lobby. The updates will be available on the game platform from October 18, 2022.

The updates come with new game modes and exciting features to deliver better gaming experiences to players.

Highlights of the New PvP Lobby Updates

  • PvP Lobby

The player-vs.-player (PvP) game mode has a new update. Players can only play this game mode when the rider gets to level 10. The PvP mode has three lobby types, including 1vs.1, 2vs.2, and 3vs.3. Players can build teams with friends and let lose their creativity.

At the start of the PvP match, the players will separate into two teams to start the top matches. There is no time limit to the match, and each team can use the game assets as usual.

  • City 6 – The Next West American Islands Continent Megacity

The city will welcome gamers with a large monster army featuring one new Boss and two Mini-Bosses. The city boasts a powerful mysterious interior the Gunners must uncover. The first player to break into City 6 will have something for their effort.

gunstar metaverse

  • A Chatbox Feature Launch

Gunstar Metaverse is launching a Chatbox feature to improve communication among players. The Chatbox feature will help all users to view system messages and interact with each other seamlessly.

  • Emoji Chat within the PvP Game Mode

The game platform now features emojis in its PvP Lobby, which will enable players to express their moods and personalities easily, such as crying when losing, napping when winning, and dropping hearts, among others.

  • Event Manager

Gunstar Metaverse is committed to delivering more exciting gaming experiences to users. Therefore, it is launching an Event Manager with user interface changes to enable players to access game events easily before time out.

Players can purchase a monthly card to use this feature. You need the GSC token to pay the monthly fee. Apart from the runes you get each day when you log in, the game platform will offer more items to players who purchase a monthly card using the GSC token.

The additional items include summoned beast pieces. Players can also use the Event Manager feature for free. However, they will only receive the standard runes when logging in and no additional items.

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