Exciting Offer for My Defi Pet Users with Migration to ONCHAMON
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Exciting Offer for My Defi Pet Users with Migration to ONCHAMON

My Defi Pet, the NFT pet game, has announced a migration, letting players bring pets and spirits to the new ONCHAMON game! This transition to a fully on-chain experience requires updated pet ownership.

Users can follow the steps to convert their NFTs into credits for use in ONCHAMON, and migrate over there.

Introducing ONCHAMON Migration

ONCHAMON needs on-chain data for features like stats tracking. To make existing pets compatible, a migration converts them into credits for participating in the new world. Simply submit pets via the website by October 24th. Unmerged pets can still play other My Defi Pet games.

How to Migrate Your Pets

To migrate, you need to register yourself on the platform. The migration process will stay live from right now till October 24th at 3 PM UTC, and that gives you plenty of time to submit pets. Finally, be sure to check the credits earned after submitting and make sure you get the right amount.

Introducing ONCHAMON Migration

My Defi Pet Rarity Conversion Scheme

Depending on the type of pet, the number of credits will also differ. The system will have 1 Credit for Common, 2 Credits for Rare, 3 Credits for Epic,4 Credits for Legendary, 5 Credits for Immortal, 6 Credits for Arcana, and 8 Credits for Ultimate.

Spirit Level Conversion Scheme

The scheme for converting My Defi Pet spirits to credits is also here, and it offers 1, 2, 6, 18, and 54 credits, respectively, for each level. The levels are from 1-5. Also, keep in mind that pets with spirits will get credits for both parts!

Using and Claiming Your Credits

Credits will soon be valued in DPET for activities like the upcoming EGGVENTURE and others like it in the future. Details on claiming credits will also come out soon! Your credits will be on the KardiaChain, and once you get the credits, you cannot get your PET back.

Have Issues Checking Rarity?

Some pets return unclear rarity data, and this issue can happen for some users. If you migrate anyway, then you will get 1 default credit. Additionally, you can also report issues to the platform via a form and wait for an update. The response will likely come after the process of migrating all the pets is complete on the platform.

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