Axie infinity Season 0
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Axie Infinity Season 0 is Live

After many updates and preparations, the Axie Infinity Season 0 is finally here. This release marks the transition into phase 3 of the new ecosystem. Following this launch, there will be significant changes to the gameplay, mechanics and backend support. This includes leaderboard rewards, crafting and disenchanting systems.

In addition, there are also balancing changes. Nonetheless, the devs will continue effecting modifications in preparation for Season 1. They also hinted that these alterations would be “subject to significant tuning and changes during Season 0.” Meanwhile, the new session will run for 30 days. After which a diverse range of updates will drop.

Key Points in the Axie Infinity Season 0

Axie infinity Season 0 Key Points

While announcing the release of the Axie Infinity Season 0, the team streamlined the major updates into key points. These are the 9 critical takeaways from this launch:

  • Smooth Love Portion: Axie Infinity will transfer $SLP from the Classic V2 to the Origin V3. To complete this process, emissions will be turned off in the Classic version by 9:30 AM GMT+7 on the 12th of August.
  • Leaderboard Rewards: Over the next 30 days, 20,000 players will be able to share from the 60,708 $AXS. This is a significant increment from the 49,157 tokens given to 10,000 participants in the Alpha.
  • Crafting Changes: There will be substantial alterations to the crafting system. Users can now mint in-game boosts on the blockchain. This implies that they will now be able to trade or gift these assets to other players. There will be new recipes for this process and changes to utility items.
  • Disenchanting: Considering the effort that now goes into creating NFTs, their owners will now enjoy extended benefits. They can use these items after they expire when the season ends.
  • NFT Runes & Charms: As mentioned above, you will be able to craft these ERC-1155 tokens and store them on the blockchain. There is a video tutorial on this process.
  • Moon Shard and Reward Changes: Besides the leaderboard, players will get better Moon Shard benefits. Those who win Arena battles will get better compensation. However, the team is reducing the payouts at the beginning stages.
  • Matchmaking and Victory Star Change: You will now get ten times Victory Stars. This will help you transition to the Challenger ELO System.
  • Stickers: Anyone who gets to the Chick rank this season will receive some stickers that they can add to their collection.
  • Balancing Changes: To ensure a sustainable model, there will also be Energy/Card scaling, AoE, Card, and Rune changes.

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