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Decentraland Onboard Landowners to the World’s 1st Metaverse ATM

The first decentralized metaverse built and governed by users, Decentraland, has announced the launch of the world’s first fiat-to-crypto ATM, the Transak ATM, in its metaverse.

The fiat-to-crypto ATM is designed to be interoperable within the Decentraland virtual world. With the ATM, users will be able to buy MANA and other cryptos on the platform.

According to the platform, the goal of launching the Transak ATM is to improve the users’ experience in the metaverse. Just like the seamless operations of the ATM in the physical world, the platform aims to provide users with a more seamless and smooth journey while they navigate web3.

While the ATM launched already, the game metaverse is onboarding landowners and allowing them to install the Metaverse ATM on their property.


What to Expect from the Deployment of the Metaverse ATM

Users can look forward to the Airdrop Tower coming to life at the launch of the Metaverse ATM. The unique experience of the ATM will come as Airdrop Hoverboards on the biggest Estate in Decentraland.

Users will find more details on how to use the Metaverse ATM at the Airdrop Conference Center in the metaverse. Landowners who desire to onboard the ATM on the property and earn from the traffic coming through their land will also have access to information on how to go about it at the Airdrop Conference Center.

 Landowners can also visit the official website of Decentraland to find the link and details of how to install the Metaverse ATM on their property.

Why the World’s First Metaverse ATM in Decentraland

According to Metaverse Architects, the goal of deploying the Metaverse ATM in Decentraland is to support the fast-growing ecosystem of Decentraland with the technology and tools required to aid frictionless payments.

This is expected to enhance the conversion rates within stores and minimize the knowledge gap of users participating in Decentraland. The deployment of the Metaverse ATM on the platform also aims to help property owners in the metaverse increase their earning opportunities in the digital world.

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