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Star Atlas Presents the First-ever COPA Contest

Star Atlas, a next-gen gaming metaverse, plans to hold the first-ever COPA Contest, which is slated to take place on June 16. The COPA Contest is a one-day virtual festival, where Star Atlas guilds will converge to discuss and have a friendly competition.

The event is a pitch contest where participating guilds must present convincing reasons why anyone should join their guilds and not others. Participants are required to submit a presentation in a document or PDF file.

The most compelling pitches among submitted documents will present their pitches at COPA live before the assembled guests. It is worth mentioning that a panel of judges will select the most compelling pitches from the submissions. The event is open to all community members of Star Atlas and it will take place on the Star Atlas Discord platform.

What are the Prizes Involved?

Participants in the COPA contest will compete for prizes at the event. There are three prizes for the first three positions. The first place will receive $5,000 USDC worth of Ship and the second place will get $2,500 USDC worth of ships.

The third place will receive $1,000 worth of ships. Additionally, one lucky audience member will get a Star Atlas branded iBuyPower full PC set. It should be noted that the prizes will be awarded to the Guild leaders for the guild.

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More Details about the COPA Contest

Only the Guild leaders should submit presentations and they should do so on behalf of their Guild. The deadline for the submission is June 6 and each guild is expected to submit only one entry. The submitted presentations will be reviewed according to specific criteria. Here are the highlights of the criteria:

Product Development: This covers the strategic outlook, competitive advantages, business model, product build, gaming expansion, and community initiatives, among others.

Growth: This covers the plan of the Guild to expand users, assets, and resources.

Ecosystem Integration: This focuses on the community, lore, Guild culture, Guild values, and inclusiveness.

What are the Rules for the COPA Contest?

  • Participants are not required to purchase anything to participate or win the contest.
  • All submissions must be the original creation of the Guild and should not infringe on the trademarks, copyrights, publicity, rights of privacy, and other IP of any person.
  • The sponsor can disqualify any entry based on their sole discretion.
  • The odds of winning depend on the volume of submissions received.

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