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Star Atlas Launches Web3 Security Framework Initiative

Star Atlas, a next-gen metaverse on the Solana blockchain announces its plans to ensure improve security. This will take the form of a web3 security framework. The initiative is part of its plans to ensure digital security and consumer protection in the virtual world.

To achieve this plan, it will be working with Kudelski Security. This is the cybersecurity unit of the Kudelski Group. the world leader in digital security. A company that is renowned for providing major blockchain-based applications, exchanges, and ecosystems with security solutions.

Other Details of the Star Atlas Web3 Security Framework Initiative

As part of the Web3 security framework initiative, Kudeski will be performing audits and analysis for Star Atlas. During the process, it will identify any form of vulnerabilities within the system. This will involve rigorous testing of all the protocols within the game.

Both parties will then consider the results to ensure the maintenance of the metaverse integrity. Furthermore, the two organizations will work together to set data protection standards for the blockchain game. In addition, there will be reviews of the set quality from time to time. This entire process will help to assure star atlas players of the safety of their information, tokens and other digital assets

Factions in Star Atlas Metaverse

The CEO of ATMTA was pleased to be working with Kudelski in ensuring better consumer data protection. Michael Wagner reassures users of the game’s proactive approach to security. Here is what he said:

“We are pleased to partner with the team at Kudelski Security to advance the digital security of our fast-expanding metaverse. We understand there is a lot of skepticism when it comes to web3 and security, so we want to be proactive by partnering with one of the top cybersecurity firms to help make sure our community feels safe. Protection of assets is paramount, and we look forward to working with Kudelski Security to establish the best practices for security when it comes to web3 gaming.”

The CEO of the data safety outfit is looking forward to offering Star Atlas the best solution. He believes his company has what it takes foresee and prevent any challenges. Here are the comments of Andrew Howard.

“Web3 is growing rapidly, and we are seeing more need for developing a security standard that is adopted across the industry to act as a framework. This is why we are excited to partner with a native web3 leader like Star Atlas and to come together to solve potential security issues before they arise.”

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