DEFY Labs Uprising Masks Mint Update
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DEFY Labs Issues Uprising Masks Mint Update

Phase 2 of DEFY Labs uprising masks mint is live. Those who missed the July edition can now get these NFTs for themselves. There will also be bonuses for users who bridge their $DEFY tokens. The team is issuing an update to cover every essential detail. This includes the history of these digital assets and how to participate in the sales.

Uprising Masks Mint Update

Created by zer0, the uprising masks are second-generation assets. They are the follow-up to the Genesis masks made by kna0s in the first quarter of 2022. There were originally 10,000 units of these NFTs available. But 20% were sold in the prior mint on the 23rd of July. The initial plan was for this phase to precede Beta Mission 1. However, this did not happen as the process was shortened and the Alpha mission was extended. This is why this update is crucial to bring the community up to speed with the current state of progress.

Last month, there was an article to communicate the forthcoming changes. However, the team thought it necessary to clarify the modifications in detail properly. At the moment, the developers are seeking ways to ensure a seamless NFT crafting process for interested players. This includes enabling gamers to purchase inventory through the black market alongside the official website.

Uprising Mask Mint Update

The new system offers up o 60 new uprising masks every 12 hours. This process begins at 12:00 UTC on the 6th of September. As such, users have two opportunities daily to get digital assets for themselves. However, 10 out of these 60 slots are reserved for those with Tier 1 invites. The remaining 50 will be between those minting via the website or the black market. In addition, the Tier 1 invite will receive 50% commission (3,000 $DEFY) if the invitee mints through the website. This does not count if the individual uses the black market option. Meanwhile, you cannot use a Tier 2 invite to mint an Uprising Mask.

Receive Bonuses for Bridging $DEFY Tokens

Through the uprising masks mint update, DEFY Labs encourages users to bridge their tokens through the on-chain by giving them 1.5x. This means that anyone who bridges 4,000 $DEFY will get an additional 2,000 $DEFY. The game sets aside a reward pool of 2,500,000 $DEFY for those who complete this process. Doing this will encourage operatives with dormant Tier 1 invites to use the black market minting platform and get the 50% returns.

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