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Cross The Ages Era 3 Releasing with New Features Today

Cross The Ages, a collectible card game in a dystopian clash of the world, is coming back on your screens today. And the best thing about this news is that you’ll love many gameplay changes, new and impressive features, and improvements to the TCG.

Cross The Ages is set to release on 6th March, and here are all the details you need to know!

Are there any significant new updates?

There’s only one noticeable change in the scoring system. The new and essential detail on the scoring system will make your gaming experience nothing but better (hopefully). You will get the reward if you have double affinities with one point. However, if you have simple affinities, you will no longer be rewarded. This new scoring system makes the game more competitive and even more enjoyable.

Additionally, there are no remarkable changes in Capture points; players receive two points for one capture, which remains the same.

Yet another thing remained unchanged in this update: the points threshold is 65. You still need a solid strategy and plan to win the game.

cross the ages

What are the new gameplay changes?

An amusing gameplay change in Cross The Ages Era #3 is a terrific way to give you a slight advantage over your opponent. You can start with four cards and draw one per turn. This means you will have five cards for the first playable turn.

But this isn’t the only fantastic addition to Era #3, The Affixes System is! Cross The Ages is probably trying to make Era #3 more fun and unpredictable. How? The Affixes System allows the players to play the game with better strategies and more creativity. You can unlock the first pool of affixes gradually. However, you need to reach 1700 points or higher to unlock the second pool of affixes.

Updates to the Perks and Mint Passes

Cross The Ages has revamped The Perks, based on the $CTA token amounts of the players. You might get a Golden Mint Pass or the Legacy Mint if you are lucky. Well, the Pack type determines your fate in the game. Mint Passes are special. They have the powers you need to win the game.

So, how can you get your hands on your favorite special card?

You can receive weekly tickets, which are NFTs. You can resale or transfer them, and you can even use them to claim your special cards! Visit the official website for more details.

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