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Balthazar Celebrates the Launch of Illuvium: Beyond with a Generous Giveaway

Balthazar partners with Illuvium to offer an incredibly generous giveaway for their new Illuvium: Beyond.

Illuvium Beyond is a much-loved digital collectible game featuring hand-drawn and customizable digital art pieces, also known as Illuvitars. You can use these art pieces as your in-game avatars or your profile picture or even put them in your room to make an impression. You can purchase Illuvitars via DISKs containing Rand illuvial accessories and portraits.

Balthazar, on the other hand, is an active advocate of the equitable gaming industry. And this giveaway is proof of their advocacy!

What can you win from this giveaway?

This epic giveaway has two exciting gifts for you. You can have five standard DISKs and one Mega DISK.

How can I use these DISKs?

You can purchase Illuvitars and accessories via the DISKs. DISKs are tradable packs that can be loaded to get Accessories and Illuvitars and there are only two types of DISKs.

Standard DISK

The package includes one random Illuvitar along with three random accessories. In addition to this, standard DISKs also have one Bonus Tier 0 Illuvitar to impress your community.


Mega DISK is the rare and most-seek one because of having one Rare Illuvitar along with one Random Illuvitar. It also has three Random Accessories to make it a perfect pack!

These two DISKs are the wonderful stuff people are eyeing for. You can become the OG of Illuvium: Beyond with all these collectibles and not only that, but you can also climb the leaderboards to earn achievements! Well, yeah! Illuvium will activate the Leaderboard to make the game more competitive and allow players to dominate and compete against each other to climb the ladder higher.

More about Illuvium: Beyond

If you are a fan of giveaways and you need more, we have more! Illuvium: Beyonds starts on 7th March, and there’s a grand launch party for the occasion. Illuvium is giving away many exciting gifts for the completion of individual and community-wide stretch goals. If you want to be a part of this grand, in fact, the biggest event of the year, log in to the official illuvium website with your Account Wallet. In their own words, it’s a rare opportunity and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

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