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RFOX Vault Unveils the Citixens Pods

RFOX Valt has unveiled the Citixens and their different features. This is part of incorporating players into the details of gameplay. While showcasing the benefits, the team also pointed out how the pods work. The announcement comes after the completion of the Apartment Chest Sale.

Details of the RFOX Valt Citixens Pods

The process begins with minted pods that evolve over time into an in-game character. There are currently 10,000 unique Citixens in the RFOX Valt metaverse. From this total, 1,300 avatars are special and have premium features and more valuable benefits. Also known as OG Citixens, these limited-edition NFTs enable owners to access future drops and other items.

For a better understanding, below are breakdowns of benefits of the respective NFT types:

Regular Citixens:

  • Access to double apartments via airdrop.
  • Additional airdrop of regular Citixen for every OG Citixen you own.
  • Double voting rights.
  • Extraordinary traits and abilities.
  • Multiple tier staking advantages.
  • Exclusive bonuses and access to future airdrops.

OG Citixens:

  • Single voting rights.
  • Eligible for single-tier staking.
  • Additional benefits and access to future airdrops.

RFOX Valt Citixens Pods

Users will have complete ownership of the IP rights of these digital assets. This implies that they can always use 2D and 3D files of this avatar for personal or commercial purposes. In addition, these NFTs are eligible for staking and users can bind them to smart contracts.

More so, every RFOX Valt Citixen has voting rights in their respective quarters. This process ensures players can become stakeholders within the metaverse and contribute to its growth. Once they mature from their pods, Citixens can be used to mint new NFTs. This will take the form of KOGs from the mint lab. These digital assets can be used when playing SLAM and other RFOX metaverse games.

RFOX Roadmap

While unveiling the RFOX Valt Citixens Pods, the team also shared some insights into their plans for the first three to six months of the year. Next on the roadmap is the actual Citixens reveal. After that, users will learn about the different themes and types of apartment quarters. With all showcasing complete, players will learn how to use Citixens and apartments in the RFOX Valt.

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