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Faraland Explains its Crafting Mechanisms

Faraland, a multiplayer RPG NFT-based Game on BSC has released a detailed explanation of its crafting mechanisms. According to the game platform, the crafting feature is an important aspect of its roadmap for 2022.

The same has been updated in the latest patch, which was done on May 19. Crafting will become an integral part of the in-game tokenomics development. The new feature will deliver a more immersive game experience to players in the Faraland world.

When players complete mission quests, the new feature allows them to earn materials for crafting and the materials will be valuable in-game quests and PvE.

Highlights of the Crafting Mechanisms Feature

Here is a walkthrough guide to the new crafting mechanisms feature:

Materials: Materials are precious rewards awarded to players when they defeat monsters in some terrain. The level of the monster defeated will determine the rarity of the materials earned. 

Crafting: All materials that players get can be accessed and withdrawn through Claim Portal. When you claim your materials, you can exchange and trade the NFT materials at the marketplace. It is essential to mention that players can also create new items when they collect ample materials. 


  • Players can create these new items from the Crafting tab on the official Faraland site. To do this, simply navigate to the official website of the game platform and select Crafting from the tab on the homepage. 
  • Players can Craft different items on the list and these items are obtained exclusively through crafting. 
  • Each item is created with a distinctive Rarity Rate, Success Change, and Crafting Cost. The details of this can be found on the official social media page of the game platform.
  • To boost Success Chance, gamers can use special Materials. To do this, click on “Enhancement Stone” on the Crafting page. It is worth mentioning that each Enhancement Stone increases Success Chance by varying proportions.
  • Items sets that are available for Crafting include Fretful Devastator set (Elf) and Hegemon set (Fairy).

More Information about Faraland

Faraland is a role-play-based strategy war game available on iOS and Android. The game is developed by MoonKnight Labs on blockchain and players control the unique characters of seven races.

These are Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dragonborns, Fairies, Demons, and Angels. Each character has unique abilities, agility, intelligence, and strengths to fight with other gamers in the Faraland universe.

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