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T-Rex Mafia Game Goes Live and Available to Players

T-Rex Mafia, a Run-and-gunNFT-based game platform, has launched its play-to-earn game to the public. The game, an adventure-packed game features arcade games’ mechanics, with numerous stagespower-upsweaponsbosses, and various other items designed to expand the T-Rex Mafia game community.

As mentioned the game is available to the general public but to play the game, players must possess a T-Rex Mafia NFT

How to Get the T-Rex Mafia NFT Token

Interestingly, the game platform announced on its Twitter handle today that the Mafia NFT is available for minting right now. Minting the T-Rex Mafia NFT token is easy. All that a player has to do is visit the official website of the game platform and click the “Mint here you T-Rex Mafia!” button. 

On the minting page, you would be required to connect your wallet and enter the quantity of the NFT tokens that you want. Next, sign the transaction and that is all! Suffice to mention that the cost of minting a token is 0.044 Ethereum

There are a total of 7,777 NFTs available to minting but some have been sold before the game launch. Of the 7,777 NFTs available, 5,555 are Mafia NFTs and 2,222 are Law NFTs.

What are the Differences between the Mafia NFTs and Law NFTs?

The Mafia NFTs allow players to update their NFTs and choose from one of the four families of the renowned criminal underworld – the Stegotones, the Raptorinnis, the Brachiollas, and the T-Rannos

The Law NFTs on the other hand allows players to update their NFTs to one of the three police forces set to fight against organized crimes in the metaverse. These police forces are Pangea Police DepartmentJurassic Special Forces, and Federal Dino Investigators.

t-rex mafia game

Highlights of the Game

This is a run-and-gun game with arcade games’ mechanics. It features different stages, bosses, power-ups, weapons, and different items. Players will have the opportunity to collect coins, which they can convert to unique tokens in the game. 

Players that already own the T-Rex Mafia token will be able to play the game with their NFTs and increase their ranking to enhance the rarity of the NFTs. At different stages of the game development, T-Rex Mafia will introduce new difficulty levels to increase the adventure and winning opportunities in the game.

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