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Splinterlands Releases Chaos Legion Lore: Baakjira Video

For sometime now, Splinterlands have been issuing different backstories. These backstories often give meaning to the different parts of the Chaos Legion gameplay. Not long ago, it released the Chaos Legion Lore: Baakjira. This release comes after the issuance of Uriel the Purifier five days ago. Details of the new lore was made public via the Splintertalk website. Here is everything you need to know about this new backstory.

Details of Chaos Legion Lore: Baakjira

This lore’s release came on the 3rd of January, 2022. Unlike the Corruption and the Balance lores, Baakjira takes to the sea. The story begins with Captain Johan whose ship is chased by the Portal Spinners. During his encounter with his attackers, they destroyed the sails of his ship. Not able to outrun them, Johan and his crew members feared the worst. All hope was lost till barrelman saw a reef just ahead of them. Trying to confirm if it was a reef, the captain saw a monster.

Chaos Legion Lore Baakjira

However, it will turn out that the monster was on the Captain’s side. This is because it jumped in the air and crashed into the water. The waves from its crash rolled towards the enemy fleet. In the process, it ended up knocking many off course and even sinking a few of them. On the contrary, the force from the monster’s crash did not adversely affect the captain’s ship. Instead, it pushed them away from their attackers and towards the shorelines. They were now safe at this point, as their enemy’s larger frigates can’t follow.

With the danger over, Johan heard a voice speaking directly into his head. It was a though the ocean was speaking to him directly. He felt like he was listening to an evocative melody that seems to calm him down. While the song continued, he was convinced that the dangers are over and nothing can threaten him again. Recovering from the whole event, he whispers to himself “we’re safe”.

About Splinterlands

Splinterlands is an innovative addition to the play-to-earn games in the NFT world. This game operates on the Hive blockchain. In Splinterlands, players fight against monsters to get in-game rewards.By participating in different levels game levels, players can earn card packs, rarity, magic potions.

They can also earn Dark Energy. This is digital currency which is used to buy items from the in-game shop. Users in Splinterlands can combine cards to upgrade their levels. They can as well rent cards to other players or trade them for cryptocurrencies.

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