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Monsterra Game Set to Launch Breed & Hatch to Earn Program

The multi-chain free-to-play-and-earn NFT-based game platformMonsterra Game, is set to launch its Breed & Hatch to Earn: Monsterra Mongen Creator program slated to start on October 20 and ends on November 1, 2022. This announcement came in the wake of the launch of its Harvest-to-Earn Mosnterra Super Farmer event, which is currently ongoing.

The New Breed & Hatch to Earn: Monsterra Mongen Creator program will offer participants the chance to breed and hatch to unlock unique rewards in the program.

To make the event more attractive and beneficial to gamers on the platform, Monsterra Game is also hosting the Mongen Creator 2 where players can earn extra Soulcore. Participants in the event will have an opportunity to earn many in-game Soucores per Mongens matching they attempt.

What is Mongen Creator 2?

Mongen Creator 2 involves the breeding and hatching of Mongens to earn assets. The event will launch on October 20 and ends on November 1. Players will get a ticket for their breeding actions and the tickets qualify them for the associated rewards.

According to Monsterra Game, the rarer the new Mongen hatched is, the higher the value of the ticket reward the player will receive. Therefore, the game platform encourages participants to breed more and hatch more Soulcore so that their children can get to the top.

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Highlights of the Reward Structure for the Monsterra Mongen Creator Program

Participants will receive tickets for participating in the event. They will use the ticket to join the Random Raffle Event and stand a chance to win the associated rewards. The more tickets a player has, the higher their chances of winning. The details of the reward structure for the event are highlighted below:

  • CO Soulcore – 100% CO Ticket
  • UC Soulcore – 50% CO Ticket and 50% UC Ticket
  • Rare Soulcore – 20% CO Ticket, 30% UC Ticket, and 50% Rare Ticket
  • Epic Soulcore – 20% UC Ticket, 30% Rare Ticket, and 50% Epic Ticket

Monsterra Game encourages players to breed more to enable them to get more returns from their activities.

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