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Monsterra games Launches Harvest-to-Earn: Super Farmer 3

Monsterra Games, a multi-chain NFT game platform, has announced the launch of its Harvest-to-Earn: Monsterra Super Farmer 3 Program slated to start on October 18 and end on October 24.

According to the game platform, its goal is to motivate the hardworking spirit in the Monsterra universe and create a competitive atmosphere in its metaverse. Gamers will earn additional rewards based on the frequency of harvest times. 

Whether you are a seasoned farmer or a new player on Monsterra farm, you can effortlessly harvest food, which makes it an easy quest to complete.

Details of the Monsterra Super Farmer 3 Program

The event is scheduled to start at midnight on October 18 and ends by midnight on October 24. Gamers must harvest food on Monsterra farm to qualify for rewards. 

When your harvest total attains a specific milestone, you will receive the associated rewards. According to the game platform, the more harvest you have, the bigger the rewards you earn.

Monsterra games

Highlights of the Reward Structure

As mentioned, the harvest-to-earn program is a simple quest that any player can complete, irrespective of whether they are experienced or new players. Harvesting ensures you earn rewards. The highlights of rewards associated with different milestones are enumerated below:

  • 100 Times: 1 Normal Stone and 1 Reroll Stone
  • 200 Times: 3 Pigment and 200 Exp
  • 400 Times: 1 CO Ticket
  • 600 Times: 1 Random CO Land Plot
  • 800 Times: 1 UC Ticket

Monsterra reveals there is much food to be cropped and harvested. Therefore, working hard ensures that players get the wealth they desire.

More about Monsterra Games

Monsterra Games is a free-to-play-to-earn blockchain game developed based on the inspiration from the pet world of Axie Infinity Game. The gameplay was inspired by the gameplay of Clash of Clans or Boom Beach of Supercell. 

Monsterra is built around a fictional world of property building, farming, and fighting other lands using magical creatures called Mongen. When players are not fighting in the metaverse, they get involved in farming to produce the food required to feed their Mongens and get them ready for more battles.

Monsterra combines free-to-play and free-to-earn game models to enable millions of global gamers to enjoy exhilarating fun and earn high-profit without an initial investment.

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