Faraland Version v.0.2.23
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Faraland Launches Version v.0.2.23 of its RPG

Faraland has launched version v.0.2.23 of its RPG. This edition of the multiplayer NFT game offers more exciting features for players to enjoy. There are also significant changes to the gameplay. This update comes after the completion of the Costume Design Contest.

Detail of the Faraland Version v.0.2.23

The Faraland Version v.0.2.23 goes live on the 1st of March. Following its launch, the team released official and backup links for players to download the game.

They include those below:

Faraland Winner Artwork on Version v.0.2.23

While making the announcement, Faraland also pointed out that players must meet specific requirements to enable them to wear equipment. They include STR, AGI and INT. Users must reach at least 2 of these requisites to activate a tool.

In addition, gamers must attain selected milestones to level up their digital assets. This includes the player’s ranks and stats. NFTs with higher levels will summon more important requirements. However, the process for Common, Uncommon and Rare in-game items will remain the same.

Below is a breakdown of their different demands:

  • Epic: Level 30 and Stat 15
  • Legendary: Level 40 and stat 20
  • Mythical: Level 50 and stat 25.

More so, the devs have fixed some defaults with the game. This is to ensure that users ensure more seamless gameplay. Faraland is adding a new set of items to the game.

These are the bugs that have been improved on:

  • The Yeti is not showing up when playing the PVP game mode.
  • Not being able to utilize the Shiel Mastery Skill in the PVP mode.
  • Your daily rewards are not appearing in the reward system.

Winning Artwork Now Part of In-Game Characters

Earlier in December 2022, Faraland launched a Costume Design Contest. Community members greatly supported this art competition, while global artists also participated. Following its completion, “Kingdom“, an artwork from Bonn James Teano emerged as the winner.

On the 28th of February, by 3:00 UTC, Faraland integrated this design into the game. Players can get this digital asset by owning the Lady of the Lake collection. Furthermore, the winning artist will receive a 2% commission for everyone who purchases this in-game item. This will run from the 28th of February to the 28th of April.

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