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Eternal Paradox Announces New Adventure in its Season 2


  • Two weeks after the launch of its second season, Eternal Paradox presents new content for its community.
  • Introduction of Akari: A new mercenary with agile and lethal abilities.
  • Game Store Offers: Mercenary Tomes and exclusive skins available, along with discounts on Nature’s Fury Mercenary Tomes.

Since its start on January 24th, Season 2 of Eternal Paradox has come with a whirlwind of content for players, bringing new adventures, heroes, and rewards.

One of the most significant additions is the introduction of Akari, a new mercenary who joins the fray with her agile and lethal combat skills. Her presence aims to add more excitement and strategy to the game, keeping players on edge as they discover her potential and how she can change the course of battles.

Additionally, “Mercenary Tomes” are now available in the game store, offering players the chance to summon mercenaries of any rarity, with the special possibility of obtaining legendary mercenaries. The “Nature’s Fury Mercenary Tomes” are particularly noteworthy, with a 34% discount for a limited time, providing a unique opportunity to strengthen the ranks with powerful mercenaries.

eternal paradox

Eternal Paradox Expands Its Hero Set and Skins To Enhance the Strategic Focus Within the Game

Players also have the opportunity to spend their ETIME on new offers. Among them is the chance to acquire a legendary 7-star warrior (wind type) exclusively with ETIME, as well as upgrading their fortress with the new skin “Fortress of the Wild”. This skin, available as a limited offer, not only gives an imposing look to the player’s fortress but also grants valuable benefits to mercenaries of the same tribe.

Additionally, the Gala team’s participation in a live stream on February 6th is highlighted, where team members immersed themselves in the battles of Eternal Paradox. This direct interaction with the community provides players with a unique insight into the game and gives them the opportunity to learn new tips and strategies to enhance their gaming experience.

With the new additions, special offers in the game store, and active participation of the development team, mercenaries have everything they need to embark on an exciting adventure and defy fate once again in the world of Elysium.

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