Discover the PvP Tournament 'The Age of the Legionnaire' in Faraland
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Faraland: “The Era of Legionnaire” New Season Starts Tomorrow


  • PvP Tournament “The Age of the Legionnaire”: From February 8 to 15, 2024 in Faraland.
  • Strict Rules: Bug exploitation is prohibited with severe penalties.
  • Attractive Rewards: Valuable materials and exclusive prizes for the best players and guilds.

Faraland, the exciting world of NFTs and competition, is preparing to welcome brave warriors in its next PvP tournament, titled “The Age of the Legionnaire.”

This epic event is scheduled to take place from February 8 to February 15, 2024, offering players a week full of exciting battles and opportunities to show off their combat prowess.

The tournament is governed by strict rules designed to promote fairness and integrity of the game.

An absolute prohibition on exploiting bugs to gain unfair advantages is emphasized, with severe measures planned against those who violate this rule.

Players are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to ensure a fair playing field for all participants.

The Faraland tournament structure features a number of unique features.

Players start with a base ELO score of 2000 and must face opponents within their skill group, determined by their ranking position.

After the first 20 matches, the tournament is divided into different categories depending on the performance of the players.

Faraland rewards for participants are tempting

The top 300 players will receive prizes based on their ranking, including epic and rare materials, as well as other valuable items to upgrade their equipment and skills.

In addition, the top 10 players in the daily leaderboard will also be rewarded with valuable items to strengthen their heroes.

Faraland The Era of Legionnaire New Season Starts Tomorrow

Guilds in Faraland also have the opportunity to stand out in this tournament.

The guild’s strength is calculated based on the ELO scores of its members, excluding the base score of 2000.

The strongest guilds will have the opportunity to win exclusive prizes in the form of NFTs, giving them unique in-game advantages.

The Age of the Legionnaire PvP Tournament promises to be an exciting and challenging experience for all warriors of Faraland.

With strict rules, a well-defined structure and tempting rewards, this event is an opportunity to demonstrate combat skills and forge strategic alliances.

Prepare for battle and join the fight for glory in Faraland!

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