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Gala Games Introduces GalaChain Creator Portal


  • GalaChain has launched the Creator Portal, simplifying the integration of blockchain technology for creators and developers.
  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface for anyone interested in creating or managing projects on GalaChain.
  • The removal of entry barriers by not requiring complex blockchain coding knowledge opens access to a wide range of users.

Gala, the leading platform in web3 technology, announced the launch of the GalaChain Creator Portal. A tool designed to streamline the process of integrating blockchain technology for creators and developers. This release represents a significant step forward in Gala’s goal of making web3 technology more accessible and user-friendly for a wide range of users.

The GalaChain Creator Portal offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for anyone interested in creating or managing projects on the GalaChain network. Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, or game developer. The portal is designed to meet the needs of all creators, regardless of their level of experience with web3 technology.

Most importantly, no complex blockchain coding knowledge is required. Eliminating the entry barrier for those who may not be familiar with this emerging technology.

Gala Provides Tools for Those Who Want to Create Their Own Creations Without Coding Knowledge

One of the standout features of the Creator Portal is its flexibility. Developers have the option to use the recently released GalaChain Software Developer Kit (SDK) to customize their projects according to their needs. This allows them to write their own chain code in Typescript and have full control over the development of their applications on the GalaChain network.

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Alternatively, those who prefer a more standard and simplified approach can choose to use the tools provided by the Creator Portal. Allowing them to upload files, create NFTs, and deploy tokens on the GalaChain network quickly and easily.

The launch of the GalaChain Creator Portal reflects Gala’s commitment to democratizing web3 technology. By removing entry barriers and making blockchain creation more accessible. Gala is opening the doors to a new wave of innovation and creativity in the digital space. This initiative also aligns with its long-term vision of building an inclusive and diverse community of creators and developers. Who contribute to the growth and evolution of the platform

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