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Guild Of Guardians Reveals the Guardian Collection Rewards Promo


  • Guild of Guardians has launched the “Guardian Collection Rewards Promo” promotion for players who own 8 Rare Core 1 Radiant Guardians and 1 Founder Radiant Guardian.
  • The deadline to meet the requirements is July 14, 2024. With reward distribution scheduled for July 22, 2024.
  • Each eligible player will receive 400 Soul Boxes. Each containing 10 Faction Souls crucial for enhancing Guardian power.

In a recent statement, Guild of Guardians has launched a promotion aimed at its most dedicated players, inviting them to complete a legendary collection of Guardians. The initiative, known as the “Guardian Collection Rewards Promo,” aims to gather players who specifically own 8 Rare Core 1 Radiant Guardians and at least 1 Founder Radiant Guardian. The deadline to meet these requirements is set for July 14, 2024. Reward distribution is scheduled for July 22, 2024.

Each eligible player who completes the required collection will be rewarded with 400 Soul Boxes, a valuable in-game acquisition containing 10 Faction Souls each. These Faction Souls are crucial resources used to increase the “enlightenment” or power of Guardians.

Guild of Guardians Offers Two Paths

To facilitate the acquisition of the necessary Guardians, Guild of Guardians offers two main options: the first involves ascending existing Guardians to Radiant Guardians using Ascension Seals, available both in Eri’s Store and in-game. The second option allows players to directly acquire Radiant Guardians on the secondary market through NFT platforms.

Guild of Guardians Discloses New Details about its Coming Migration to Immutable ZKEVM

Among the important details of the promotion are some key definitions. Such as what constitutes a “Radiant Guardian,” identified as any NFT Guardian within the game. It also clarifies that Core 1 Guardians. Which include names like Andronica, Batu, Ferulia, among others, are essential to meet collection requirements.

Despite the exclusivity of some of these Guardians. The promotion is designed to celebrate community dedication and reward commitment to the game. The initiative aims to foster active player participation and promote interaction in the NFT secondary market, strengthening the game’s ecosystem.

With this event, Guild of Guardians expects to see a significant increase in game activity and community participation in the coming weeks.

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