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MOBOX Set to Kick Off MOMOHome Alpha Test Phase 1

The cross-platform gaming metaverse, MOBOX, has announced the launch of its MOMOHome Alpha Test Phase 1 scheduled to start on October 31. According to the game platform, the community growth has been exceptional since the launch of the first phase of its MOMOVerse, and now is the appropriate time to take the platform to the next level. 

Therefore, it is releasing the MOMOHome Alpha Test, which will be a 30-day-long event. During the event, players will be able to visit the MOMOHome through the Home button in the MOMOVerse.

Requirements for Participating in the MOMOHome Alpha Test

At the start of the MOMOHome Alpha test, the material buy-back function on the platform will no longer be available. Players need the MBOX in their BOX wallet and materials in their backpacks to explore the MOMOHome. 

MOBOX announced it has temporarily amended the MBOX consumption for the event to 0.1% of the official version, which translates to a minimum cost of 0.01 MBOX. 

It further revealed it will restore the materials and resources consumed during the Alpha test to the backpack after the test. However, the Alpha test will consume real MBOX, and the platform will not return the spent MOBOX after the test. 


Details of the MOMOHome Alpha Test Phase

MOBOX will only open the basic functions in the early stage of the test. These functions include mining, upgrading, and construction of the Town Hall. Other functions, including Plunder, Orchard Planting, Fruit Trading, Charge, and Feed MOMO, will launch during the testing period or the official version. 

Following the Alpha test, MOBOX said it will reset the progress of MOMOHome, home building, home building bonus effects, and the output of the home. The platform also emphasized that the Alpha test version may be different from the official version of MOMOHome. 

What can Players do During the MOMOHome Alpha Test?

After the official opening of the MOMOHome Alpha test phase, players can participate in constructing and upgrading the building levels. They can participate in the prosperity leaderboard and mine MBOX in the home Town Hall.

It is worth mentioning that there are three phases to the Alpha test before the official launch. During each phase, players will have the opportunity to explore different aspects of the virtual home.

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