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Chumbi Valley to Burn $1,000,000 CHMB in Gen 1 NFT Sale

Chumbi Valley is set to burn up to $1,000,000 CHMB in a series of Gen 1 Chumbi events. There will be a VIP breeding exercise to kick-start these series. Following the breeding will be a Gen 1 Chumbi NFT sale. After which the hatching event will take place. More details are as follows.

Seed Chumbi VIP Breeding Event

The breeding event is set to take place between March or April 2022. During this period, Chumbi will give users the opportunity to mint 12,288 Generation 1 Chumbi pods. It also involves special breeding mechanics that are totally different from the regular in-game breeding. These in-game assets will have innovative designs and be more accessible to users. Thereby enabling more people to experience the Chumbi NFT hatching event.

To participate, seed holders will need a pair of seed Chumbi NFTs. This will enable them to mint two free Gen 1 Chumbi pods. By participating in this event, you are increasing your chances of getting a rare Chumbi during the hatch. Players will also be able to influence some features of the pods you are minting. However, it is the parent seeds that will enable you to do so. You can only breed once in this event. Furthermore, this event does not affect the in-game breeding count.

There are various mechanisms that determine the breeding outcomes. One of such is the parent tier. The new chumbi has a 40% chance of taking either of its parent’s coat type. The chances of a chumbi having a different coat type are only 20%. The parent’s tier level will determine if it will be a mini or shiny chumbi.

Gen 1 Chumbi NFT Sale

Chumbi Gen 1 NFT Sale

The Chumbi breeding exercise will trigger a very rare phenomenon in the Chumbi Valley Forest. This involves charging the Mystical Oak Tree from the spiritual energy of the seed chumbi. Thereby causing it to produce extra 8,192 Gen 1 Chumbi Pods. To add value to the CHMB token, Chumbi Valley will sell these Gen 1 pods. This will allow more users to own chumbi NFTs. It will also burn all the CHMB raised.

This sale will take place on the website. Users will only be able to buy pods using CHMB. Although it is not yet fixed, NFTs will most likely sell for $125 worth of CHMB. Buyers also have a 0.5% chance of getting a mini or shiny NFT. The chumbis will be randomly selected from tier 1 and may be any of the 15 different coat types. Chumbi Valley will announce the date of this sale as well as the process for whitelisting.

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