Hero Arena Lottery Set for June 22
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Hero Arena Lottery Set For June 22nd

Hero Arena is set to launch its lottery on the 22nd of June. The V2 will offer users more interesting new features. These will enable participants to enjoy gameplay even more. Even better, this sequel edition will feature even more impressive and surprising rewards. As they will get the opportunity to earn double or triple their capital.

During the regular gameplay, players use $Hegem to upgrade their Hero. They can also use the token for other in-game activities. However, not much attention was paid to how much of the blockchain currency you use. This time around, that is about to change. As you will be able to purchase tickets using the in-game coin. With the introduction of this new attribute, a random person will receive a prize at the end of each week.

Details of the Hero Arena Lottery

The Hero Arena Lottery will go live on the 22nd of June 2022. When it launches, there will be a round on Monday by 00:00 AM UTC and 12 PM UTC on Sunday. After the round ends, winners will receive their rewards and the next phase will begin. The prizes for each period will be 60% of the total $Hegem that have been used to purchase tickets. The remaining 40% will be burned.

In a case where there is no winner, the reward will be added to the next round. Below is the formula:

The next period’s prize = Number of $Hera + $Hegem remaining of the previous period’s Pool + 60% of the next period’s Pool + 5000 HERA from Hero Arena.

The winner of each pool will have 4 random numbers that are the same as that on the system. As such, nobody will be able to cheat. The team will announce the winner via their social media handles. Once the individuals receives his reward, it will be documented in the “Your History Section”.

How to Purchase Lottery Tickets

Hero Arena Lottery Tickets

While making the announcement, it also issued a tutorial on how to participate. This includes the process of buying tickets. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  • Visit the Hero Arena website and click on “Buy Tickets”.
  • Once you do this, a pop-up will ask you to connect your wallet. Complete this process to login and gain access.
  • After doing this, input the number of tickets that you want to buy. There are no limits as to how many tickets you can buy.
  • Click on confirm to check out.
  • When you buy tickets, the system will generate four random numbers. You choose to edit those numbers or keep them. They will be saved in your wallet. Ensure to check it when the draws take place during the weekends.

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