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StarSharks Set to Launch the StarSharks Official HomeLand NFT Sale

Following the whitelisting event where a hundred whitelists were issued within three minutes, StarSharks announced the date and time for its StarSharks Official HomeLand NFT sale.

Suffice to mention that the HomeLand NFT collection is the unique ticket to the second game of StarSharksStarSharks: Homeland. To play this game, players must have a minimum of one Homeland NFT but a minimum of three Shark NFTs is recommended to enable players to experience the full game.

Rarity Level of the HomeLand NFT Collection

This NFT collection has four different rarities, over 500 combos, and five types of buffs. With the high quality and rarity of the NFTs, holders will enjoy the potential growth in value of the collection while securing a spot at StarSharks: Homeland.

The four levels of rarities for the NFTs are Normal, Rare, Superior, and Unique while the buff types are Summon Speed Up, Resource Protection, Harvest Speed Up, Construction Speed Up, and Field Harvesting Speed Up.

star sharks

Details of the StarSharks Official HomeLand NFT Sale

A total of 10,000 HomeLand NFTs will be available for sale during this round and grouped into three sections. Participants can purchase up to three NFTs during the event.

Public Sale: There are 8,000 NFTs available for public sale and it is worth mentioning that a high percentage of these are allocated to the StarSharks affiliates. 

Whitelist: This category has 1,200 units of NFTs. 150 spots of the whitelist will go to the top 150 players in the PVP season in June and 150 spots will be allocated to the top 150 SSS Stakers. 100 Spots are set aside for giveaway events before the official offering. The giveaway event will feature a Quick Quiz to qualify for a spot.

Team Marketing800 spots are reserved for the marketing team and they are required to only pay the gas fee.

It should be noted that the sale will be on a first-come-first-served basis. The launch date is July 7, and the time is 11:00 UTC. The sale event will last for 24 hours at 10:59 UTC on July 8.

Guideline for Participation

  • Step One: Link your wallet to the official website of StarSharks.
  • Step Two: Click on the “Subscribe” button.
  • Step Three: Complete the mini-game to prove you are not a bot.
  • Step Four: Complete your KYC verification process, if you got a spot
  • Step Five: Complete the payment process

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