Thetan Arena Set to Launch Its Thetan 184 NFT Collection
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Thetan Arena Set to Launch Its Thetan 184 NFT Collection

Thetan Arena, the first MOBA e-sport game built on blockchain technology, has announced the launch of its Thetan 184 NFT collection as a part of its first anniversary. This event presents the community members with an opportunity to own their NFTs with other valuable merchandise. 

Participating in this event comes with lots of benefits. According to Thetan Arena, interested participants who pre-order will receive a 10% cashback. The Thetan 184 NFT collection comes in three packages with several perks. 

These packages are Thetan Book, Limited Gift Box, and Hero Figure. The game platform has revealed it will release the NFTs in four chapters.

Highlights of Thetan 184 NFT Release Waves

  • The OGs: December 9
  • Undercover Life: December 16
  • Holiday Saboteur: December 23
  • Rhythm on Fire: December 30

Interested participants who pre-order will have the benefits of getting 10% cashback for the Thetan 184 they purchase. They will also receive early notifications and a purchase link by email a minimum of three hours before each NFT sale

thetan arena

Pre-ordering also gives you the right to pre-order Thetan Rivals NFTs and receive Physical gift box delivery for free. It is worth mentioning that pre-order is free, and buyers will make the final payment through a purchase link (to be provided) on the NFTs marketplace. 

More about the Thetan 184 NFTs

The release of these NFTs is premised on the celebration of the first anniversary of Thetan Arena. The platform is offering its community the opportunity to own exclusive NFTs with numerous benefits. 

The NFTs are a set of NFT artworks with each piece representing a hero with distinct features. Each NFT also comes with a unique story that brings all Thetanians close in the realm of Thetan Arena. 

thetan arena

Participants can choose NFTs from different packages, which include Diamond, Gold, and Silver. You will find a set of items and perks in each package. The Diamond package includes an NFT artwork in the Thetan 184 collection, an NFT hero with the highest skin rarity. It also contains a whitelist to pre-purchase Thetan Rivals NFTs, a Thetan Hero Figure, Thetan Book, and Limited Edition Gift Box. Holders will also have access to Exclusive NFT with commercial rights, and Worldwide Free Shopping.

The Gold and Silver packages have everything except Exclusive NFT with commercial rights and a Limited Gift Box. The number of Thetan Books for each package also differs. The Diamond package costs $1,800, Gold $750, and Silver $300.

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