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My Neighbor Alice Announces December Land Sale

The blockchain gaming platform, My Neighbor Alice, has announced the first wave of its last land sale for 2022. The Primary Auction Sale is currently live, and the land available for sale is located in the Medieval Plains – Tourney Wolds.

The sale event will run until December 15. Interested participants can visit the game platform’s marketplace to freely purchase the land.

How the Land Sale Work

A total of 100 land plots are available for this event, and participants can mint the plots from the Tourney Wolds region in Medieval Plains Island through the platform’s marketplace.

According to My Neighbor Alice, it will auction off 100 land plots across four different waves. The first wave starts on December 6 and will end on December 15. Each auction wave takes place every two to three days. The starting price for the auction is 100 $ALICE per plot.

How to Participate in the Land Sale Event

The plots of land for auction will reflect on the primary sales page on the marketplace; and the auction will last twenty-four hours. The countdown begins at the placement of the first bid.

My Neighbor Alice mentioned that a new highest bid placed within thirty minutes of the end of the auction will extend it by an extra 30 minutes. Interested participants must have adequate ALICE tokens in their wallets to place a bid.

They also need enough BNB for the gas fee. The only currency you can use to place a bid is the Alice token, and the only currency for paying the gas fees is BNB. The marketplace only supports the Metamask wallet.

What is Next after the Bid?

The game platform will deduct appropriate tokens from your wallet immediately after you place your bid. When another user places a higher bid, the platform will return your tokens to your wallet. The participant who wins the bid can claim the land plot through their profile page.

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based social online game focusing on resource gathering, creative expression, and crafting. Gamers have the opportunity to build their virtual lands, perform interesting daily activities, interact with neighbors, and earn exciting rewards.

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