Illuvium September Dev Blog
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Illuvium Issues the September Dev Blog

Following the end of an eventful and “chaotic” month, Illuvium is issuing the September dev blog. In this update, the team covers its achievements within the last month. These milestones include the launch of the Arena and IlluviDex.

While those products were released, some more are also in the works. These updates are essential to keep the community abreast of current affairs.

Details of the Illuvium September Dev Blog

The launch of the PB2 Arena 0.2.0 is a significant highlight in the Illuvium September dev blog. Following the release of this gameplay feature, the community gave feedback and encouragement. The developers have noted the suggestions and incorporated them into version 0.2.1, which is already in the works.

Speaking of the team, Illuvium has added some prominent and intelligent figures to the backroom staff. These persons have ensured that programmes supporting different in-game features are maintained and extensible. Even users can attest to the fact that there are fewer bugs in recent updates. They can also confirm that gameplay simulates well and fewer lags exist.

Meanwhile, patch 0.2.2 of the Arena will not drop in October. However, Illuvium is reassuring the community that it will be worth the wait. This is because there are improvements to the user interface.

Illuvum Arena v0.2.1 Patch Notes

There is also information about the Illuvium Overworld. The delayed release was due to some internal system malfunction. As such, the team reviews Crimson Waste, as it did with Sanctum Mesa, to ensure a thorough job is done. This includes implementing a leaderboard, so players can compete for the best runs instead of giving real NFTs.

There will also be final touches to the Battle Board and UI. However, this should not take much time, as everyone involved has quickly identified how to solve these challenges.

According to the press release, the IlluviDEX is almost at the desired standard.  The only thing left is deploying the product’s testnet and upgrading the fraud detection system. In addition, the team will also incorporate Land Filtering and Offer or Bids Listing systems. When this is done, the team will deploy the V2 edition of this marketplace for use.

In summary, here is the product release timeline:

  • IZ Alpha
  • PB2 OW
  • Merch Store
  • News Hub
  • Illuvitars
  • PB3 Arena
  • Launcher

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