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Genopets Releases Status Report #17

Genopets, the world’s first move-to-earn NFT-based RPG game platform, has released its status report, issue #17. The report covers details on Crystal, such as Subsynth and Adsynth. It also covers the Community Challenge, Energy Items, and Demos of the Feeding and Fetch Mini Game.

Highlights of Treasure Hunt Community Challenge

With the Genopets Treasure Hunt in its second week, the game platform encourages users to mint milestones each week to increase the prize pool. According to Genopets, with more users minting milestones, the team will add more limited edition augments and increase the drop rates in the prize pool.

The prize pool contains Legendary Augment, Adynth Crystal, Subsynth Crystal, and Lume Crystal. The more pages minted, the more rare options will be available for crafting.

Highlights of Energy Boost Item Art

Genopets also revealed that the energy boost item art is now available and ready for in-game usage. The energy boost is the best dose for Genopets with a lower level. Users can buy or craft the items on marketplaces.

Users without Genesis can also buy the items to sell them in the market. The game platform reiterates that Genesis holders will receive a 10% Energy boost on their assets.


Further Details on the Status Report

  • Genopets users have a chance to receive unique rewards in the ongoing Treasure Hunt. These include Ocean, Royal, Fuschia, Red, and Lime Crystals. Crafting during the event will be a special experience for everyone as laboratory animations for crafting have been released featuring exquisite items.
  • The team already started working on the V1 sound effects for the Feeding & Fetching games. Subsequently, the platform will add sounds and background music as items go into active mode. 
  • The platform is set to take users’ Genopet Habitats to the next level with new improvements made to the sky. The team revealed that elemental Habitat types will have slightly different skies coinciding with the Habitat colors.
  • The Genopets’ Art team is currently working on Enemy concepts. The team has two images designed already – Envy and The Content.
  • The team is working on stage six non-genesis augments, which users will be able to craft in addition to the natural evolution of their Genopets.

Genopets banned users bragging about cheating and having multiple accounts. The development team is also working with Solana FM to implement the new pagination feature/behavior. The game platform has also updated Habitat Management so the decayed habitats do not reflect as options when users assign a sub-habitat.

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