Star Atlas Central Space Station Land Sale
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Star Atlas Announces Central Space Station Land Sale

Star Atlas has announced that the Central Space Station Land NFTs are available for sale. This publication was made by 7:44 PM Eastern Time on the 22nd of December. The update also shares insights into the different categories of digital assets available for sale and their benefits.

Details of the Star Atlas Central Space Station Land Sale

Star Atlas Central Space Station (CSS) features 6 tiers. This applies to all 3 factions (MUD, ONI and Ustur) available within the game. For those new to this game, CSS is the place to begin your exploration of the cosmos. As such, the type of land you have determines how well-equipped you will be for this journey.

Below are the different tiers and their features:

  • Base Tier: These are the tiniest type of plots available for players. They also come with just the barest essentials you need to begin living in the universe. Base tiers are condos located on the station’s surface area. Buyers who obtain these spaces will get a crafting station, paint to design their living area, a cargo storage space and additional features.
  • 1st Tier: Tier 1s are an upgrade to the base tiers. They offer a Calico Scud in addition to the features mentioned above. This enables players to venture outside their living area. Unlike the previous land, these are standalone units – not condo apartments.
  • 2nd Tier: This type of apartment is for those who want more. Anyone who purchases these housing structures will receive two brand-new ships: a Calico Scud and Calico Maxhog. This means better exploration of the cosmos.
  • 3rd Tier: If you want to live a glitz and glamorous life in the space station, this land is for you. In addition to the features and 2 ships mentioned above, owners will receive an Ogrika Niruch – a bonus house for their pets.
  • 4th Tier: This is for those who want to make history and be the envy of the Central Space Station. It comes with a fourth ship – Opal Rayfam. The residence itself is also an edifice of pure elegance.
  • 5th Tier: Tier 5 lands are the ultimate symbol of glamour, respect, power, fear and opulence. In addition to the features available on all other plots, fifth-tier plots offer buyers a Fimbul Mamba EX Airbike. Landowners can host parties, strategic meetings, and other events in the multiple available rooms.

How to Participate

Star Atlas Central Space Station Land Tiers

Kindly follow these steps if you want to join the Star Atlas Central Space Station Land Sale:

  • Visit the Star Atlas Marketplace.
  • Navigate to the faction and tier of land you want to buy.
  • Check for available sellers.
  • Create an order if there are no available sellers.

Note: Ensure to have adequate tokens in your wallet.

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