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Serendale 1.0 – Harmony Outpost: DeFi Kingdoms Releases Details

Following the announcement to close Serendale 1.0 and move Serendale 2.0 to Klaytn, the Cross-chain NFT-based gaming platform, DeFi Kingdoms, has released comprehensive details of Serendale 1.0 – Harmony Outpost.

According to the game platform, everything remaining on Serendale 1.0 is now resident on the new DeFi Kingdoms’ Harmony Outpost.

Users can collect and move all their remaining virtual assets to Crystalvale as the game platform waits for the launch on Klaytn. The team further revealed it left some NPCs behind to facilitate the movement of users’ assets.

How to Move and Bridge Assets 

Liquidity Pool Tokens: Druid Lazarus

Users can visit Druid Lazarus to withdraw Liquidity Pool tokens from its Gardens and divide the seeds into the primary tokens. Users can bridge JEWEL to Crystalvale directly on DFK Chain in the Dockmaster.

However, they can send other tokens, such as AVAX, to Avalanche C-Chain through the Multi-chain Bridge or the in-game Synapse Bridge. DeFi Kingdoms game platform emphasized users must be aware of liquidity before they bridge tokens.

Bridging: Dockmaster Maria

The Dockmaster will assist users to bridge their remaining Heroes, Pets, and Tokens. To do this, users must visit the Dockmaster Maria page to bridge their assets. They are to select the appropriate menu item from the list and send them to the relevant destination.

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xJEWEL: Jeweler Ian

This will aid users in withdrawing any leftover xJEWELs and converting them into JEWEL to bridge.

Item Bridge

Users can also bridge their Ragweed, Potions, Bloaters, Attunement Crystals, Enhancement Stones, and other quest items earned in Serendale. Users must visit their Inventory and click on the item they want to bridge. Next, they should select the “Bridge Item” option; validate and sign the transaction. 

Locked JEWEL

According to the game platform, it is impossible to bridge locked JEWEL. Instead, the platform will snapshot and redistribute them on Klaytn and DFK Chain as locked JEWEL, locked Klaytn Power Token (KPT), and locked CRYSTAL.

This will be based on the latest tokenomics distribution schedule voted and approved by the community. Locked JEWEL holders do not have anything to do as the platform will take care of it.

As the game platform brings Serendale 1.0 to a close, it looks forward to seeing all its users on the other side of Serendale 2.0.

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