New Web3 Game Blade Of God Secures Multimillion Dollar Investment for its AI Gaming Model
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New Web3 Game Blade Of God Secures Multimillion Dollar Investment for its AI Gaming Model


  • Multimillion-Dollar Investment: Void Labs has secured a substantial investment for Blade of God X, which introduces a novel ‘Play ARPG to Train AI Agent’ model, blending AI and blockchain technology in gaming.
  • Impressive Engagement & NFT Success: The game boasts strong player retention with an average of 262 minutes online daily and a successful Genesis NFT Collection launch, indicating a positive reception and financial potential.
  • Anticipated Developments: With 6 million downloads already, Blade of God X is gearing up for a beta test and the release of a new PFP NFT series, showcasing its growing impact on the future of interactive gaming.

Void Labs has announced a substantial multimillion-dollar investment for its flagship gaming title, Blade of God X. This investment marks a significant milestone for the game, pioneering an innovative ‘Play ARPG to Train AI Agent’ model.

Blade of God X, a dark-themed AAA action game, has been making waves across Android, iOS, and PC platforms. The game’s unique approach allows players to train AI agents through gameplay, seamlessly blending advanced AI technology with blockchain elements. 

This concept has captured the imaginations of players worldwide and garnered the support of legendary investors who believe in the potential of this interactive medium.

The game is part of an IP series that has already achieved a remarkable 6 million global downloads. Void Labs’ commitment to the project is evident in the $6 million investment dedicated to the game’s development.

The Alpha Test Success: Blade of God X’s Impressive Player Retention

New Web3 Game Blade Of God Secures Multimillion Dollar Investment for its AI Gaming Model

The alpha test of the game demonstrated its strong appeal, with players averaging 262 minutes online daily. Player retention rates further underscored the game’s success, with impressive figures of 74.04% on Day 2, 64.82% on Day 3, and 56.11% on Day 7.

The Genesis NFT Collection, launched on April 30th, saw 669 units sold through a free mint, maintaining a floor price of 1.3 ETH for a week and achieving a trading volume of 100 ETH within the first day. This success speaks volumes about the game’s integration of NFTs and its impact on the gaming community.

As Blade of God X prepares for its beta test in mid-May, the anticipation is palpable. The AI Agent, a key feature of the game, will be put to the test, offering a glimpse into the future of gaming. Additionally, a new series of PFP NFTs, designed by Oscar nominee Erdi, is set to launch, further solidifying the game’s brand identity and community consensus.

Void Labs extends heartfelt thanks to its investors and the gaming community for their unwavering support. With this investment, Blade of God X is poised to redefine the gaming landscape, pushing the boundaries of innovation and technological advancement. The future of gaming is here, and it’s more interactive and immersive than ever before.

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