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Animoca Announces TOWER Token Earning Event

If you hold Battle Cards, you are very much in luck. This is because Animoca Brands is announcing a TOWER token earning event for users who own that NFT. In August, the outfit is launching a Crazy Defense Heroes Play-and-Earn opportunity for interested persons. There will be different levels for participants, and they have to fulfil certain conditions.

Details of the TOWER Token Earning Event

The TOWER token earning event will go live on the 1st of August 2022. Upon launch, players will have the opportunity to win up to 1,000 units of this in-game currency and a Badge NFT. In addition, their avatars will also gain 10% more XP. This will, in turn, increase their chances of climbing up the ratings. However, you must add 315,000 experience points to qualify for this benefit.

Nonetheless, this is the minimum requirement for receiving a prize. You must also rack up to the required amount within the first seven days. There are other tiers with their different demands. They are as shown below.

TOWER Token Reward Distribution

Besides increasing the avatar’s XP, the game also incorporates the Daily Star Chest rewards. Unlike other compensations, you can access them every day. However, the team is reducing the drop from 0.25 MATIC to 0.75 MATIC. Furthermore, the compensation will be distributed to players two weeks after the current month ends.

Some Important Factors to Note

One important feature is that you can only use a card once to meet a rarity stage. For example, if you have Common and Epic Cards, you can only get benefits on those phases. However, you will not be able to earn benefits allocated to the Rare level, despite having a higher digital asset. Instead, you will receive rewards in the Common and Rare stages. To earn across the different boards, you must own NFTs for each.

The additional gains are specifically for NFT card holders. Nonetheless, regular players will continue to receive the “Avatar XP Gain” and the “Daily Star Chest” profits. More so, you will only get rewarded once a month to your account. No single user will be able to receive multiple benefits within 30 days.

At the end of the month, Tower Battle will take a snapshot between the 1st and 10th of the following role. As such, you must keep your NFTs in your wallet. Failure to do it may cost you your eligibility. In other terms, the in-game XP display is currently undergoing improvements. Very soon, users can check how much Avatar XP they have earned within the month.

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