Phantom Galaxies Grind to 30 Guide
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Phantom Galaxies Issues Grind to 30 Guide

Phantom Galaxies is set to launch the Astrafite Rush. Soon enough, players will get to surf the universe, mine resources, defeat Fire Dancer pirates and earn rewards. The game is issuing the Grind to 30 Guide to prepare players for what is to come. Anyone looking to achieve a substantial Astrafer haul will benefit immensely from this tutorial.

It contains loads of hints that they can profit from. The orientation includes better ways to earn more XP and level up. You will also learn how to combine the proper class, weapon and skill loadout. Following these steps increases your chances of reaching the level 30 cap. In this stage, you unlock the entire Skill tree and Ace abilities.

Details of The Phantom Galaxies Grind to 30 Guide

The Phantom Galaxies Grind to 30 Guide entails the fastest way to reach the highest level. It begins by educating pilots on how to finish Episodes 1 to 3. These stages are crucial for those looking to mine Astrafite. Users who can complete them quickly will have enough time to prepare for the main event. At this point, they will join the Ranger Corps as an Ensign.

This is where they will learn the ropes on protecting the cosmos. It is also when they will begin taking on the growing threats of private sects arming themselves throughout the NCA. All these will take place in Episode 4. Besides the regular gameplay, you can also complete Side Quests to earn extra XP at this point. They include the following:

  • Breaking up pirate convoys
  • Tracking the writer of mysterious poems in Halberd-001
  • Start a budding ranger romance

The Mess Hall is an excellent place to start if you want to complete these missions. If you can finish all three, you should be at level 11. However, it all depends on the time spent and how much you could carry through. At this point, you are now ready from the Grind.

The Grind

Phantom Galaxies Weapons

At this level, you are set to scout the galaxies and mine Astrafite. Here are some places where you can find this in-demand resource:

  • You can grind at planet Huli in the Messer system from levels 11-15. Be careful, as five mobs will spawn out at intervals.
  • From stages 15 to 30, you can repeat the Bounty Quest to gain extra XP. Pick it up in the Shining Star Bar located at Hades in the Styx System.

It is important to note that you will not gain extra XP if your wingman is the one who delivers the killing blow to your enemy.

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