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Phantom Galaxies Releases New Details for its Astrafite Rush Event

Phantom Galaxies, the Mecha Starfighters Battle game on the Blockchain, has released new details on its Astrafite Rush event. The details cover more information about the reward pools and PGToken maximums, among others. The Astrafite Rush Event allows players to earn huge rewards and PGToken.

The event covers two main parts. The first is to mine the new Astrafite Ore and the second is to destroy the new sub-faction of pirates prowling the galaxy. Players will have tasks covering these two actions. Achieving the set goals guarantees rewards after the event.

More Information about the Astrafite Rush Event

The Astrafite Rush Event is grouped into multiple cycles with each cycle having players develop Personal Objectives. During the event, players will also contribute to the Community Objectives to earn rewards for everyone.

Planet Holders

Planet holders will earn more PGToken when they attain Personal Objectives. If every member of the community contributes towards achieving the Community goals, the emission increases and more rewards await participants.

Non-Planet Holders

This category of users can complete their objectives to earn raffle tickets to participate in a prize draw after the event. Players who complete more objectives will get more tickets to enter the draw. Completing Community Objectives will boost the value of raffle prizes that players can earn to a maximum of 29 PGToken.phantom

The base reward pool is 2,664,234 PGToken. However, it can increase during the event to up to 4,440,389 PGToken. When the reward pool increases, all Planet holders stand a chance to earn more PGTokens, and raffle draw participants will also have increased prizes to earn.

What are Personal Objectives?

These are objectives that set players a certain number of pirates to defeat and ore to mine. The objectives are the same for all gamers, but the numbers may change from one cycle to another. When you complete these objectives, you contribute the same value to the Community Objectives.

What are Community Objectives?

These are significant challenges set for the Phantom Galaxies community. The rewards for successfully achieving the challenge are big. The Astrafite spread over the galaxy, and their location will change every cycle. The community will get to share information as they complete their challenges.

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