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PVU Releases Farm 3.0 and PvP Version 0.51.1

Sometime last week, Plant Vs Ubdead released the PvP Version 0.50.1. That release, the game made some significant changes to the course of gameplay. Also, the game also fixes some bugs through that version. Following more feedback, PVU further releases the PvP Version 0.51.1. This second release comes after the announcement of the Farm 3.0 edition. Details of the PvP update was revealed via the PVU Telegram announcement page. Here are the details.

Changes made in the PvP Version 0.51.1

This update takes effect from the 27th of December 2021. One of the major changes is the “lost connection flow” features. With this feature, players will be able reconnect to the game better. Especially after losing connection midway through playing the game. Another important feature is that the upgrades you will make on the Undead will now be more effective. Besides polishing the game’s FX, the game also reduces the cost of summoning a mini boss from 2500-1500.

As mentioned earlier, there are also some bug fixes. One of such bugs is the bug where the Undead sometime seems immortal. With this Undead, this upgrade, this occurrence will no longer happen. Also, PVU also fixes the bug where your rear guard (wind plant) does not attack. Following this upgrade, PVU game will be more fun and less frustrating.

Details of Farm 3.0

PvP Version 0.51.1 following Farm 3.0

On the 25th of December 2021, Plant Vs Undead announced the details of Farm 3.0. This announcement came via their Substack page. Although the announcement was made on that date, Farm 3.0 will only be released by the end of the year. Meanwhile, it did give players details of what to expect from Farm 3.0.

One of such is the removal of Sapling/Mama. There will be no more Saplings in the shop or inventory. Players will no longer be able to plant them. Instead, the game will convert all current Saplings to “powder”. With this removal, it will introduce a new Sapling/Mama system to replace the current one. This new system will see to the diversification of seasons. There will be Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

In the Winter season however, players will not be able to grow any plants. Instead, the game will introduce other fun acts they can engage in. When it is raining inside the game, you will not have to water your plants. Also, PVU is introducing a number of mini games to Farm 3.0. Despite the numerous changes mentioned, this release does not point ouy all the details. There will still be further additions before the main release.

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