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Splinterlands Releases Details of Final Chaos Legion

The blockchain-backed trading card game, Splinterlands, has released the details of the final Chaos Legion Legendary Summoner airdrop. According to the game platform, the card will be the Dragon element Summoner – Lily Shieldpaw. 

It further revealed that the Lily Shieldpaw is the 29th Legendary Card to be launched in Chaos Legion edition booster packs. Each pack bought until the fourteen million mark will have a chance of 0.148% of getting the card.

It also mentioned that players will receive one Lily Shieldpaw card for every 675 Chaos Legion packs bought. Additionally, an airdropped card will receive a 4% possibility of being a Gold Foil version.

What to Know about the Lily Shieldpaw

On the face, Lily Shieldpaw appears cuddly and cute but is a powerful ally in battles in the arena. She boosts the Health of friendly characters and heals damaged backline characters through her Triage ability. Lily Shieldpaw also gives the Camouflage ability to all friendly characters, preventing them from being direct targets of the enemy’s attacks

For the Camouflage Summoner, Splinterlands stated that it will update the Scattershot ability to enable it to hit characters with its Camouflage ability. Also, the Taunt ability will be prioritized over Camouflage.


How to Get on the Airdrop

Splinterlands mentioned that it currently has less than 150,000 Chaos Legion booster packs eligible for the Lily Shieldpaw airdrop. Interested holders should purchase them while they are available. The game platform mentioned that the packs are available for a fixed price of 4,000 $DEC. 

Therefore, gamers can buy these packs and have access to some extra Lily Shieldpaw cards at a discount. They can get these cards at the listed price point of $4 when they buy DEC from third-party marketplaces. Popular marketplaces offering the DEC tokens for sale include PancakeSwap, Hive Engine, and Uniswap.

Meanwhile, Splinterlands also stated that there is a special contest/promotion designed to celebrate the end of the Chaos Legion edition. After attaining the 14 million pack mark and the completion of the airdrops, Splinterlands will host a competition. 

The competition is exclusively for those that bought the most packs. According to the game platform, the top ten accounts that bought the most packs between the 14 million mark and the conclusion of Chaos Legion are eligible to win Runi and free land plots.

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