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Axie Infinity Launches Homeland Alpha Season 1

The play-and-earn game platform, Axie Infinity, has announced the launch of Homeland Alpha Season 1. The event runs from February 22 and ends on March 22, 2023. According to the game platform, this is another exciting step toward its flagship land-based experience. 

In launching Homeland Alpha Season 1, the game introduced new AXS rewards for Land Development progress and Passive Adventure. It also made some upgrades to adventurer gameplay, which include the ability to build parties for three adventurers.

Highlights of the AXS Rewards

Axie Infinity mentioned that it introduced the first iteration of AXS Rewards within Homeland. With this, players can compete on the leaderboards, Land Development and Passive Adventure to earn up to 350 $AXS.

Additionally, the top 500 gamers on both leaderboards will receive a minimum of 1 $AXS. It is worth noting that the team will distribute the rewards after the completion of the season.

Highlights of the Plot Design Contest

Axie Infinity also revealed that it will host a Plot Decoration Contest during the Alpha Season 1 event. The team will judge the plots based on their aesthetic harmony, creativity, and effort incorporated into creating the concept. Every landowner is eligible to participate.

axie infinity

To participate, landowners must decorate their land plots and take a screenshot of the decorated plot. They have to share this on Twitter using the hashtag #AxieLandDesign.

Highlights of the Prizing

Participants in the contest will receive exciting prizes. The top three participants will receive unique prizes. The first place will receive Tanuki Land Item, and the second place will get a Coingecko Land Item. The third place will receive Kyber Network Land Item.

Axie Infinity mentioned that it will enter all submissions into a raffle for 3 RON1N-21 Land Items. It is worth mentioning that each gamer can enter multiple submissions. However, each submission must be visually different and must have a distinct concept from the others.

Highlights of Moar Upgrades

Axie Infinity also revealed that players can form a party of up to three adventurers starting from Alpha Season 1. The game platform mentioned it refined some mechanics, including the boss’s difficulty, the overall speed of level-up gains, and energy restoration. This will make the gameplay faster-paced with the possibility of new dynamics emerging. 

The game platform reiterated that Homeland is in its early stage of development. The gameplay is still in Phase 1, and the team is currently working on building the second phase.

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