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BinaryX Announces CyberDragon Boss Raid Update

BinaryX has announced an update to the CyberDragon Boss Raid. This is a new mode that is now available in the game. Players will burn $BNX to take on and defeat a powerful boss within a time. While issuing this news, the team also gave insights into every aspect of this fresh gameplay.

Details of the BinaryX CyberDragon Boss Raid

BinaryX CyberDragon Boss Raid involves players teaming up against different bosses. These NPCs come in five models, each representing different game rounds. Users will spend $BNX to attack the boss. However, they can only deal 5% damage to a single NPC. Once they reach that limit, they cannot spring further attacks.

Meanwhile, gamers can choose between the Single Attack or Maximum Attack buttons. The single attack option displays the exact amount of damage you can deal if it is below 1000. If you can inflict above 1000 harm, the system will show you 1000.

BinaryX CyberDragon Boss Raid Update

On the other hand, the maximum attack shows you the harm you can cause the boss according to the amount of $BNX in your account. If you have an excess of what is required to eliminate the NPC, the system will refund the excess.

The boss level begins at 1. It upgrades by 1 level and the HP increases by 12% as you go higher. To unveil the next NPC, players must defeat the one they face. The system uses colour changes to enable players to track the boss’s health. Below are the different indications:

  • Green: 100-31% HP
  • Orange: 30-11% HP
  • Red: 10-0% HP

Each boss will be available for the next 12 hours after its release. Players must defeat it before the timer runs out. If they fail to do so, the NPC will flee, and they will be able to attack it anymore. Instead, they will wait till the next boss spawns.

Rewards Category

Depending on the role each user plays in defeating a boss, they will earn the following prizes:

  • Damage Reward: Users who defeat a boss will receive 60% of the $BNX they used. They will get this prize during the round distribution of $BNX.
  • Delayed Reward: Depending on the damage a player deals, they will get 40% of the $BNX they burnt. However, this reward is often held back and distributed after subsequent boss defeats.
  • Special Reward: Users can also get back 10% of the $BNX they spend in defeating an NPC.

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