Monsterra MonsHub Mainnet Set to Launch on October 5th
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Monsterra MonsHub Mainnet Set to Launch on October 5th

Monsterra, the famous multi-chain NFT game, is set to launch the MonsHub Mainnet on the 5th of October. This fully-functional game hub promises to be captivating and contain all necessary entertainment features. In addition, there will be a campaign to celebrate the official debut.

In the meantime, a New battle Pass for Battle Front Season 3 is ready. Players who want to join this exercise can get this pass from the Monsterra website. This edition promises significant rewards for participants. However, prizes will be won according to each user’s league.

Details of the Monsterra MonsHub Mainnet

The full version of the gaming hub will offer exciting gameplay experiences. However, the team stated that a campaign will accompany this exercise. On the opening day, when Monsterra will unveil its gaming center, several players will receive numerous gifts.

When the new product launches, players will get to access games like the MonsHub Minesweeper. The gameplay begins with a minefield type of board that contains hidden bombs. Players will have to smartly navigate through the dangerous terrain and solve puzzles without triggering the bombs.

Besides the Minesweeper, the full version of the hub will contain numerous other mini-games. These gaming options, alongside the main game, will ensure that users are never bored.

Despite making an announcement, the team did not reveal further details about the MonsHub. Instead, they added that there will be another announcement detailing what players should expect. It is also believed that the second will also contain details on how players can access the new Hub.

Monsterra Clan Tournament Season 4 Coming Up Next

Monsterra Clan Tournament Season 4 Coming Up Next

While announcing the launch of the MonsHub Mainnet, Monsterra is also gearing up for the release of Clan Tournament Season 4. This comes after the conclusion of Season 3, where the MonSyndicate Clan emerged as the winner. Japan and Whales Clans came in second and third positions, respectively.

The next edition promises to be more intense, and only the toughest groups will survive. Therefore, interested participants should equip themselves with the necessary gear ahead of the coming week. In addition, they can also improve their fighting skills and strategies by practicing the Monsterra arena ahead of time.

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