Shatterpoint Closed Alpha Season 35 Goes Live
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Shatterpoint Closed Alpha Season 35 Goes Live

Shatterpoint has launched its Closed Alpha Season 35. With the new series going live, selected players will have another opportunity to win leaderboard prizes. This comes after season 34 of this gameplay comes to an end. This new edition will follow the same format as previous series.

Since it is a closed Alpha, interested individuals who want to participate must register to join in. Only those who are selected will join the competition as contestants. If they are chosen, they will receive an email to inform them that their application is successful. Meanwhile, there are criteria people must meet to stand a chance of getting approval.

Details of the Shatterpoint Closed Alpha Season 35

Details of the Shatterpoint Closed Alpha Season 35

Starting from Monday, the 2nd of October, players will be able to join Season 35 of the close alpha. To join this event, players should apply to be a tester by filling out this NOW CLOSED Typeform. After completing that step, successful applicants will receive an email to confirm that they can now access gameplay. They can proceed to download the game and login by using the same email address in their application.

Meanwhile, testers are not the only ones that can join this event. Anyone holding a Shatterpoint Founders Collection Hero NFT can also participate. People purchase these digital items through the Magic Eden or OpenSea marketplaces. After obtaining this NFT, these owners should follow these steps:

  • Connect their wallet to the platform and verify ownership of the NFT.
  • Create a BlockGamesID account using their email address.
  • Download the game.
  • Login to the game using the same email they created an account with.

Meanwhile, participants will not yet be able to use the Founder hero within the game at the moment. However, owning this digital asset will enable people to play any class within gameplay in this testnet. In this regard, any progress that players attain during the closed alpha will be reset before the launch of the Open Beta.

Speaking of gameplay classes, these are the gaming areas that people will get to enjoy in the Shatterpoint Closed Alpha Season 35

  • Access Campaign and Skirmish Mode in the Regalia World.
  • Rise through the ranks from levels 1 to 50.
  • Engage in 1v1 battles in the player arena.
  • Complete the first chapter of the Shatterpoint Story.
  • Access Legendary traits and loots.

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